Real Estate Tools & Tips for Success - 2021 Edition

About this webinar

If you're a Realtor®, team, manager, broker, or staff person in real estate, this webinar is for you! We're going to break down some of the most important Tools and Tips for success in 2021.

Many Real Estate professionals are doing incredibly well because of a hot market, however, if you're not applying new skills and services to compete with top teams, discount models, and Wall Street companies, your business may quickly decline in the months and years ahead.

What you'll learn

  • Upstream Strategies to get listings and sales
  • A sales script framework that will completely change your conversations to get more leads
  • Technology Tools and processes to get and convert leads (even from your own spheres of influence)

Your Instructors
Howard Chung
Vice President of Franchise Development and Operations
John L. Scott
Howard Chung has been affiliated with John L. Scott Real Estate since 2003, first as broker/owner of the Mukilteo, Wash., office, then as Vice President of Residential Operations and Vice President of Broker Excellence. Howard brings more than 20 years of experience in real estate coaching, leadership and technology systems to his current role. As Vice President of John L. Scott’s Real Estate Affiliates, he is responsible for the growth and operational excellence of the next generation of real estate franchisees.
Emmanuel Fonte
VP of Ultimate Client Relationship® & Digital Strategies
John L. Scott
Since the age of 14, I have been honing my listening skills, as a conductor. On stage, I don’t get to make any sound. My job is to inspire, set a course forward and adjust to ensure the performance.
To me, the most important skill is listening: to my coach, those whom I serve, feedback from clients and colleagues. That skill has guided me as I act as the company connection office. Enrolling the stakeholders along the process.
My unfair advantage, discipline of musicianship in listening as I conduct a group, or implement new tool, technologies or tactics. As VP of Ultimate Client Relationship® & Digital Strategies, this skill has helped me serve Owners, Office Managers, Staff, and Agents to grow their business and market share with practical applications, and outstanding results.
My mission is to integrate technology into the lead generation process, and then oversee conversion through relationship building and personal communications in order to create an experience that cannot be commoditized.
I infuse listening, creativity and leadership into business development along with curiosity and care for those I serve.
Ultimate Client Relationship® incorporates a strong positive mindset of proactively being in relationship with your clients, contributing to your community, and building meaningful relationships. My role has served as a pivotal component of changing the human initiative at the firm.
My background in orchestration, arranging, and conducting have been instrumental in the implementation of tools, technologies and tactics. Working with stakeholders, we have been able to achieve high adoption rates, leading to a significant increase in sales and profitability.
I continued to pursue my passions in music, in my role as Music and Creative Director for John Cameron Entertainment, an elite group of professional musicians. We make a difference through music by raising awareness for women’s health, mental illness, and children’s foundations. Raising millions of dollars for these vital initiatives. Living Life as a Contribution® is an integral part of my approach to business and life.